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. >> this is a very, very serious matter for us. >> an alarming mistake. the condition of a man that was wrongly pronounced dead. >>the heat is on for most of the week. when things might cool off a bit in the sky watch forecast. >> why cash-for-clunkers could still come to a crashing halt. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert has tonight off. baltimore county police have arrested a couple for having sex with children. police say it happened in middle river. the alleged victims are as young as two. keith daniels at county police headquarters with the story. keith? >> well, jeff, police say the couple made porno videos. they are not sure how long they have done it. but they do know that they did it in other locations. one of the videos they found is titled "fun in atlanta" but tonight there is concern over the shocking discovery in middle river. baltimore county police want everybody to take a good look at these people. it is 34-year-old john nicklas, and 26-year-old shannon honeya. accused of filming and p
underway. >> it is serious that we use the police department's resources in a critical area. boat, the helicopter. >> and the commissioner has questions. >> questions about, you know, what resources were used. how were they used. who was involved. >> now there are some cries for cardin to step-down. >> personally, i think he should resign. if this is how he conducts state business. i mean, he should not be representing the people of baltimore county. >> we tried don be tact john karr deny. one of the aides said he is out of state on a trip. he will be back in town on monday. however, he did issue a statement. >> cardin states, i should have considered that city resources would be involved and used better judgment to put a stop to it. >> he has contacted me and offered an apology for putting the baltimore police department in, you know, this kind of predicament and spotlight. >> in canton, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> cardin offered to pay all costs incurred for the stunt. >> a baltimore man is extraditeed to germany to face charges of murder and rape 25 years ago. rob
to another frightening discovery. karen parks joins us with the discovery you are seeing first on on fox tonight. >> ian was shocked that a 17-year-old lifeguard would bite him. his mother said she tried to talk to supervisors at recreation and parks and gave her the run around. now she is afraid he may have terrorized other kids that are too scared to speak up. >> me and smi friends were playing, and we made a house out of foam. >> ian was playing here at the aquatic center in northwest baltimore, july 31. >> then the lifeguard came upstairs, and he messed up our little house. so i went over there and smacked him in the arm. >> he says that 17-year-old lifeguard retaliateed. >> then he picked me up and bit me. >> leaving marks two weeks later. >> it was like having your arm punched together by two rocks very hard. and it just made me want to cry so much. it was so painful. >> i was upset. >> his mother alycia approached the teen. >> he said well i always play with the kids. and i said aren't you supposed to be in the pool? why would you bite him. well he bit me. he pointed to his hand a
. might give us less time. >> might be a bigger issue if they increase the ticketing policy. but i don't think a few dollars here or there, you know, at the rate it will make that big of a difference. >> well, we are back here live. no one from the parking authority returned our calls today. meantime, again, rate hike is not a done deal yet. the board of estimates has to approve it. we're live in downtown baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right, keith that brings us to the question of the day is the city's plan to raise parking fees an attempt to raise more revenue. 89 percent say yes. 11 percent say no. dee writes, this is an effort to take more from the people that are hurting right now. the city -- does city hall care we are in a recession? when will it stop? more responses tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> police are looking for more suspects tonight in a hate crime that left a 76-year-old man hospitalized. the victim just wrapped up a fishing trip when he was suddenly attacked. crime and justice reporter joy lepola has the story. >> 76-year-old james
cardin told us tonight. >> heat and humidity. what the next front could bring us in the sky watch forecast. >> and plans for indy cars to actually speed through downtown baltimore. the twist and turns of the baltimore grand prix. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. paying more to park downtown. how much more it could cost you to feed the meter. >> a plan on the table now could double the cost. it has some drivers seeing red are tonight. keith daniels live downtown with the story you are seeing first on fox on. keith? >> jeff, take a look at this. if the plan is approved it would include meter boxes like this one, and, of course, those standing meter boxes, with the twisting knobs. it is just before rush hour in downtown baltimore. anthony wheeler has stopped to park on park avenue. he fed the meter. >> i think two quarters. >> 50 cents at a parking meter. new concept for willard. >> i actually moved here from montana and we are not used to having to pay anything to park. >> so
>>>captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> i was shaking. i was scared to death. >> severe storms rip through parts of this region what it was like when the storm blew through. >>> it's been one week since both teens were shot at a cookout. see how the neighborhood has changed. >>> damaging storms move out of the region. i'll tell you if we have another chance for severe weather later this week in my forecast. >>> mason back in action for the ravens what brought him back to the purple and black. >>> hello. i'm jeff barns. jennifer is off tonight. >>> strong winds and drenching rain hit parts of the region. karen parks gives us a close look at the damage there. >>reporter: the cleanup began. after a storm ripped through the area this morning. >> it sounded like a big gust of wind. >>reporter: richard and niki were inside their home at the time. >> i opened up the front door and um, to look outside and i could see our tree bend way over. >>reporter: debris surrounds their home and their siding torn off. >> the roof shingles wer
>>>captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> the waves are unbelievable. >> storm sweep through the east coast. we'll show you how the rough surf is affecting the weekend. >> his brothers were not. he used that gift to touch many lives and right as many wrongs as the years would allow vment >>reporter: a final farewell for edward kennedy. how thousands paid their respects. >>> warm and muggy today. a cooldown is headed our way. i'll tell you when the 70s arrive in the full forecast. >>> smart strategies for the state fair. we'll show you, play and win. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> good evening. i'm jeff abell karen has the evening off. >>> americans spent this day saying goodbye to senator ted kennedy. first, with a funeral in massachusetts, followed by boston and washington. the senator was laid to rest just feet from his two slain brothers. jennifer davis is in washington with more. >>reporter: in massachusetts, they memorialize edward kennedy, the man.
it is time for the red line. >> this is bigger than us. this is not just about us. this is about jobs, lives, and generation yet unborn. >> boo, boo. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> if the project gets federal approval, construction could start in four years. >> senate majority leader harry reed said the senate will vote to extend the cash-for-clunkers program before they go home friday. mcdonnelle said the party will not ban the vote. and tonight your privacy is an issue. when car dealers logged onto the cash-for-clunkers website lately they were greeted with a statement that said the dealership website is considered government property. >> the government monitoring the programs, what kind of cars are turned in, and that's the heart and sole of the language. and as we have said, it has been rewritten to make it more clear. >> the original privacy statement was posted only on the website dealers could access. >> now that brings us to the question of the day, do you trust the federal government your personal information? so far 7 percent yes. 93 percent say no. kenneth from baltimore
with the latest on the story tonight. karen, what can you tell us? >> jeff, good news is that sherry folks is at home tonight and rest ring. but questions still remain. who did it and why. >> i am blessed by the best. need a little rest. >> 59-year-old shirley folks is great spirits and counts blessings. >> i came out on the porch this morning, and enjoyed the sun, sky light, and breathing in and out that i could not do when i was hurting. >> her in sherry hill, tuesday night, around 9:00, watching television in the living room. she said she heard a noise that caused a scare. >> i heard, what i thought was an explosion but must have been the bullet hitting the frame right there. >> a bullet hole and broken blinds reminders of a situation that could have been worse. >> then i felt the impact. the pain. and then i saw blood and knew i was hit. >> stray bullet struck her in the back of the left shoulder. she was rushed to shock trauma, treated and release. >> we have no indication or reason on to believe that she is the intended victim of such a crime. >> i think it was just an accident. beca
known the attacker. making the case more puzzling tonight keith daniels joins us with the story. keith? >> jennifer, police are working with few clues in the case. victim's name is scott greenberg. he was 51. >> it happened in a quiet affluent neighborhood in owings mills. someone shot and killed scott greenberg, inside of his parents' home in the 2300 block of velvet valley way. neighbors now, saddened and shocked over the loss of a neighbor. >> i guess i hate to hear about parents losing a child. children losing a father. very sad to me. >> police believe greenberg may have known the attacker. they say there was no forced entry. and it doesn'to-go bag appear that anything was stolen. >> greenberg's ex-wife found the body saturday. she was there to drop off the couple's two children. investigators say she felt something was wrong when it appeared that greenberg was not home. and the door was locked. she called his father, that directed her to a spare key. >> she got the key and went into the house. and found the victim dead in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor. he had been shot mul
were in the best position to see severe weather first. a couple of our viewers sent us photos. brandon sent us this photo capturing one of the many lightning strikes from last night's storm as it moved through the neighborhood. if you see storms in your area, share it with baltimore. upload photos and videos. go to send photos and videos directly from your cell phone at >>> a woman who was struck by a car during last night's stormy weather has died. the incident happened at the intersection of 31st last night. she was rushed to the hospital with a head injury and two broken legs. police are broebing whether the storms actually caused the crash. >>> after a nine day stretch of no murders, police are investigating two murders in two days. the city is still on track to be the safest in years. myranda stephens has more. >>reporter: her heart is broken over the loss of her son. >> they killed my son. everybody loved him. >>reporter: 25-year old dante died thursday after police say a man came to his home off southland avenue and shot him
to >> this is a live look at the u.s. capital building in washington d.c. the flag flying at half staff at this hour. to remember the lion of the senate. senator kennedy that died tuesday. meantime in his home state of massachusetts, the nan ticket light ship s another live look. former coast guard vessel moored off the kennedy compound in hyannis port. main beak from dusk to dawn to honor the late senator. >> kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer tuesday. kate baldwin joins us with the latest tonight in hyannis port. what can you tell us. >> hi, jeff. they call him the lion of the senate. and senator kennedy hard fought battle with brain cancer ended at his nearby home. end of a long journey, career and life. >> in senator kennedy's home state of massachusetts, outpouring of grieve from constituents. >> he was a champion for massachusetts for the country and the world. >> patriarch of the story and family, died tuesday day night at the age of 77 after battling brain cancer. kennedy served a half a century on capitol hill leaving behind a legacy ranging from hea
-radar is now available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> we are getting weather photos from the viewers tonight. taken by shaun patrick in westminster. you can see the dark clouds as the storm approached. now you can send us your weather shots or videos by going to and/your take. any news that you want baltimore to see, can be sent there. you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to pics at >> and an accident involving a ambulance tonight may have been weather related. fire officials say a ambulance carrying a patient collided with another vehicle. it happened at the positive taps co avenue and 8th street. person in the back of the ambulance was transport tod a area hospital and did not have be additional injuries. drivers of the ambulance and the other vehicle only had minor injuries. >> several baltimore police officers are under investigation accused in the hit-and-run of a teenager in west baltimore. witnesses say it was no accident.
and the way it would affect the services you use. >> dry day tomorrow. and then big changes. tracking the storm brewing in the atlantic in the sky watch forecast. >> and the damage one diet pill could cause. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> 2009 h1n1 will pose more serious health threat this fall. >> thousands dead, millions infected. new concerns after dire predictions for the swine flu. >> it is a flu that spreads quickly. that got me nervous. >> safety at schools. and preparing for an outbreak. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. predicted tens of thousands of americans could die from the flu virus this fall. white house panel said swine flu could send 2 million americans to hospitals. the virus could kill between 30,090,000 people. 1 million people nationwide have already gotten sick. and infections may rise as school begins. a vaccination is being made right now as we speak. first round of shots could cover as many as 40 million people. >> this flu is active. it is not only in countries around the world.
't want government mandates, or the government to be controlling us. >> passionate fight. >> you must. >> a war of words. >> some say has gone too far. >> i ended up getting pushed into the street. >> but is this demonstration unamerican? >> no. this is america. i am being patriotic and standing up for our rights. >> that's what america is all about. >> recently some top democrat leaders like nancy pelosi has been quoted as calling the protests unamerican. maryland congressman elijah cummings agrees. >> drowning out people that really want to hear discussion. and people that want to talk about their issues, their problems. and that is unamerican. >> but no one here, not even those that support obama's plan, seem to like that. >> absolutely not. i think protesting is very american. >> no, it is very american. this is what being an american is about. >> many who came today were angry they could not get inside the townhall meeting. they question why it wasn't held in a larger venue. and many said they feel the only way they can be heard is through protests. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at
provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> a howard county teen killed by a drunk driver. why the suspect is out of jail tonight. >>> beautiful weather on this sunday. tomorrow it will feel like fall. my complete seven-day forecast coming up. >>> i was pretty much born into it. >> a look at the competition between maryland farmers at the state fair. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> good evening. i'm jennifer gilbert. >>> a boating accident leaves one man dead. it happened before 6:00 tonight. two boats collided on the water. the man who died was in his boat alone. a father and daughter were in the other boat. that one capsized. they are both expected to be okay. neighbors say the man who died is well known in the community. >> the type of guy that would do anything for you. he was just a good all-around man. >> such a great loss. >> the name of the victim isn't being released until his family is notified. >>> a howard county teenager, who was struck by a drunk driver early friday m
and calhoon street. karen parks 95 there with the latest tonight. karen, what can you tell us. >> well, jeff, we are here in west baltimore at the corner of west lexington and cool hoon. between two schools. scene is cleared. but they are -- there is still glass on the ground. and you can still smell the gas. this is where the suspect's car ended. right here. bending the fence and knocking the tree completely over. here is what happened. >> i was walking on stricker. on my way to see my girl. >> quarter to four in baltimore. >> all of a sudden i heard it. >> he was a few feet away from the corner of lexington and calhoon. the scene of this accident that left one woman dead. >> i saw the car flip overall over the place. and everything went everywhere. crash into the school building. that was crazy. >> investigators say late this afternoon along lexington avenue, police spotted an infinity stolen during a armed carjacking. >> based on the way the driver was driving, they were ordered to break it off immediately. stop following it. >> 10 blocks later, that same car crashed into this nissan sent
will use their final time-out. >> troy: in talking with keith brooking, he said the best years i had was when wade phillips was my defensive coordinator in '02 and '03. keith brooking was 27 at the time. to my surprise, wade phillips said he looks like the same player. he hasn't lost a step, still moves well. he's very instinctive. i know that they're feeling -- you can tell in hearing him interviewed right there, he brings a lot of leadership. he loves the game of football. but he's a good player, more importantly, and he should help them. >> joe: pro's pro, zach thomas manned that position last year for dallas. now they go to brooking. mcgee gets a chance to do something. he runs it and slides on third down. he is short of first down yardage. that will take us to the two-minute warning. tennessee out of time-outs. terrence newman was behind the camera, and now to eliminate our own pam oliver helping with the lighting. he's doing it all. cowboys doing it all tonight. - ( "super freak" by rick james playing ) - it's pretty amazing how one click of a mouse can make you move... groove,
tell us how you will pay for this the only way you can get the money is to raise our taxes. you said you would not. >> critics say the president's town halls are more than a infomercial. >> nothing more than a soap box for the president. it is not an opportunity for the american people to come out and voice concerns. it is merely a way for him to sort of kickback. >> it has been nerveing racking for lawmakers, and none more so than for arlen specter. >> i have gone out and put my neck on the line. >>. >> president obama travels to colorado tomorrow for health care meeting in another conservative area. president is scheduled to focus on expensive out-of-pocket costs charged by some insurers. in washington, craig boswell, fox 45 news. >> and to see more from president obama's townhall meeting today, go to, and click on "raw news". >> health care has many people fired up for sure. but health care seems to be a tipping point for taxpayers. to show the u.s. congress how ineffective it has been lately on many fronts, without of control spending fueling the fire. here is fo
't look like it will gather hurricane strength, but it will bring us plenty of rain. how much we will get in my skywatch forecast. >>> i actually cried when i saw the condition of these dogs. >> nearly two dozen dogs found at one maryland home, the clue that tipped off investigators. >>> and why an international prank about baltimore's reputation has no one at city hall laughing. >>> live in high definition from kaul-tv in baltimore -- from wbff tv in baltimore is fox45 news at 10. >>> trees toppled and a church burned, storms take their toll on roads and buildings in and around baltimore city. >> as some people spent the day cleaning up ... others took time getting ready for another big dose of rain. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. we have seen some rough weather during the past 24 hours that caused some damage around the area, and there may be more to come. >> this morning's wicked weather could be to blame for a church fire in middle river that started around 3:30 this morning along eastern avenue at the sharp street united methodist church. no one was inside at the
. /news links. >> meantime leaders like many (inaudible). >> of using quote swastica carrying brown shirt tactics, can the rhetoric be relvateed we pose pose the question to bob ehrlich. >> the way to get your point across is to do it respectfully. but strong. you can be very strong and respectful at the same time. and to the extent that people tend to get high hyper and go or the line. that doesn't workout. >> hear more about the health care debate from bob ehrlich in political pulse at 11:00 tonight. >> now that brings us to the question of the day. will the health care protests help to sway votes. 67 percent say yes. 33 percent say no. steve from baltimore writes, the health care protests are part and parcel of a republican effort to cover their own fail and to influence the gullable and religious right. steve from baltimore county writes, though the protest should send a clear message to congress, i do not believe they will change their votes. we will have more of your responses on the "late edition", at 11:00. >> make your voice heard, tell your elected officials what you
tell us. >> jeff, parents say their kids have been adan donned and the city is to blame. why should the kids go? dozens and dozens of them, where should they go now? parents say the answer is not only dangerous, but it is unacceptable. >> here at the cherry hill rec is there where dozens of kids play every day. bad news takes a toll. >> they will not have anywhere to go. >> in two days, the safe place of play, will shut down. >> the kids reach out to mayor sheila dixon for help. >> deer mayor sheila dixon, we need your help. >> the children need a the recs and the pool in the summer. and the school year, so they have a spot. >> to decrease a $3 million shortfall, department of rec and parks, decided to turn the rec center over to baltimore schools saying it is not suitable for viable programs and after july 1st, 2009, rec and parks is no longer providing recreational programming in the facility. >> a city school spokesperson tells us school administrators are still working on a policy to determine how this facility will be used. >> in the meantime, the nearest recreation center is m
>>>captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> he was just a great guy, you know? almost like a best friend from the beginning. >> a deadly crash kills in carroll county. the investigation into what went wrong. >>> health care now. >> the debate over health care reform. what you need to know. >>> the dangerous heat and humidity arrives. how long the heat will last is coming up. >>> congratulations and welcome. >> how judge sonia sotomayor made history today on capital hill in more ways than 1. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> hello. i'm karen parks. >>> jeff abell is off tonight. >>> two people are dead after a plane goes down in carroll county. it happened at 7:30 this morning. myranda stephens has more. >>reporter: dennis young heard his friend take off from the airport just like he does any other morning. this morning something went terribly wrong. >> the police came to the door and said there was an accident so i came out real quick and saw it was bob. >>reporter: au
provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> good evening. i'm jennifer gilbert. >>> we begin with breaking news, involving one of the baltimore ravens and a confrontation with a city police officer. melinda roeder is live with the story. >>reporter: here's what we know right now. baltimore police got a call from harbor place security about an armed individual at the johnny rocket's restaurant in the inner harbor today. what apparently happened is the ravens' player was seen passing a cell phone to someone who was sitting there at the table with him. now, someone mistook that cell phone for a handgun, but when police approached him, he became belij rant and would not xoo cooperate. >> he pushed the officer in the chest. the officer fell down. other officers took that gentleman into custody. >>reporter: a fine is being charged with assault on a police officer. that is a felony. in the arrest report, the officer states he fell on his right elbow and does have soreness. what we know right now about him is he is a 27-year old rookie. he's
courthouse with the latest on the story. what can you tell us at this hour. >> jeff, lamont davis was here this morning for the arraignment. the attorney said the video you are about to see will prove that his client is innocent. >> lamont davis, 17-year-old accused of shooting 5-year-old raven wyatt last month in the 300 block of south pulaski highway pled not guilty. charged with first-degree murder, assault and handgun charges. his attorney released this video of the crime scene today. he says it shows a man walking along pulaski highway. opening fire. and you see the crowd of people hoovering over a young child. but hedge path said the video shows a shooter not wearing a gps unit, that davis was supposedly wearing that day. this is what the gps unit looks like. it is in two pieces. one part worn, the other monitors movement. defense claims the shooter in the video has ankle sox on and not a tracking device. here is another twist to the story. shooting happened july 2, but as late as july 16 the department of juvenile services claims davis cutoff his bracelet. a statement from the depar
reform. president obama's -- tough questions from skeptics. >> if you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this, you're saving here, you're saving over there. you're going to take a little money here or there, but you have no money. the only way you're going to get the money is to raise our taxes. you said you wouldn't. >>reporter: the president in montana friday as part of his weekend tour through the west. he's trying to assure americans he will not raise taxes on the middle class to pay for health care reform. >> i made a promise that i would not raise your taxes if you made hundred 50 thousand dollars a year or less. that's what i said. i said that for people like myself, who make more than that, there's nothing wrong with me paying a little more in order to help people who got a little bit less. that's what my commitment is. >>reporter: a larger theme is mistrust of big government solutions. republicans have seized on that message. >> unfortunately, the path we are taking in washington right now is to simply spend another $1 trillion of taxpayer money to further expa
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Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)